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A Rapturous 30th  Anniversary 

An iconic bus establishment in the merciless machinery world 

With an unyielding passion for the blooming bus business, which is intimately connected to all walks of industry due to its role as the primary form of transportation offering a high load capacity and capable of adapting to various industry demands, Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd definitely live up to the expectation as one of the leading bus and bus body suppliers in Malaysia and Singapore. Apart from solidifying their expertise roots in their origin country, Gemilang transcends across the intangible global barrier with their products being sold to various country worldwide, earning their global stripes with sturdy international presence. 

With 30 years of experience tucked in its belt, the buses of Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd serve public and private bus transportation operators, mainly in markets with heavily congested traffic including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and India. As a reminder of a strenuous yet fulfilling journey of three decades, a joyous celebration was put in motion to commemorate Gemilang’s 30th anniversary on 9th September 2019, in Gemilang Factory & Holiday Villa Johor Bahru 

In accordance to that, an informative mini press conference took place in their factory in Senai. With an unwavering determination to secure the throne as the leading as well the cardinal bus body manufacturer, suppliers, and assembler in Asia, the company’s current and future goals were elaborated and elucidated to the public and the building blocks of the company, its staff, with media presence formalizing the ceremony. Associated with its rigorous standards for perfection, the morale of the company was elevated immensely, and its future direction was engraved in wordings, demostrating Gemilang’s commitment.

The ending scene of the momentous anniversary celebration was decorated with a blissful dinner at Holiday Villa among the generous founders, diligent management, and industrious staff with everyone being indulged in a gratifying occasion.