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Diwali and Cola-Cola

Two distinctive elements, yet bond together with the same objective—Happiness

Diwali, a term instinctively affiliated to variegated earthen lamps, lanterns, and candles. A truly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable glittering festival which marks the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, this festival of lights has its own ways of engulfing everyone in its jollity.

With Persatuan Kebudayaan India behind the scene as the mastermind, a Diwali celebration which embodies frolics and whimsicality unveiled itself in Little India Johor Bahru. As a faithful demonstration of their utmost gratitude towards the higher calling of Indian Gods for the prosperity of its business and smooth sailing-entrepreneurial quest in the exquisite town of Little India, the prestigious Cola-Cola distributor in the southern region of Malaysia took it upon themselves  to bring together the peak of contemporary and classical Indian culture for the Indian society in Malaysia, via spearheading the Diwali celebration as its ardent sponsor.

Orchestrated with the warm-hearted idea of spreading joy which synchronises with Cola-Cola’s very own brand value that encompasses the very essence of bringing happiness to everyone, the design and architecture of the event accomplished the focal point of bringing a good time to everyone. This joyous event twinkling with fairy lights awed everyone in its display of grandeur decorations, little morsel of deliciousness, dance movements which captures the essence of the graceful music along with the broad smile and laughter on everyone’s face.

A worth-mentioning fact regarding the event is that LK Entertainment was only awarded 10 days for the preparation of event logistics. With the all the odds betting against LK Entertainment, our behind-the scene, savvy team of event wizards embraced through the atrocious time constrain and successfully embedded their DNA of creativity in every aspect of this grandstanding Diwali event,  up to the extent that it enchanted the likes of TMJ, TV3, and Johor Now to roll in and cover the event!