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Year             2018

Client          R&F Properties

Venue         R&F Sales Gallery

Event          R&F Princess Cove Sales Gallery Grand Opening

R&F Princess Cove re-created the legend, the new International Coastal “Diamond” Commercial Center – R&F Marina Place, is perfectly completed! Among them, R&F Sales Gallery was grandly opened on the 22nd October 2019, becoming the first “diamond” that officially put into operation!

The ceremony kicked off with the 24 seasons drum. The Grand Opening of the new Sales Gallery continue with subsequent introduction of the project upgrades, as well as a series of activities, so that attendees can enjoy themselves with first-hand good news.

R&F Marina Place consists of 6 huge “diamond shape” buildings which symbolize the gemstones dancing under the sunshine of the Singapore and Malaysia. It can also be said as the diamonds are gathered in the crown of the Princess (Princess Cove). The overall building concept is more to classic and stylish, which is exactly the same concept as the high-end Princess Cove product.